Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship is vital to SWaMfest. Each year, businesses, state and local agencies, and nonprofit organizations demonstrate their support for the SWaM business community and VASCUPP by sponsoring and attending SWaMfest. Sponsors represent a cross-section of public and private-sector industry and business size. Sponsorship typically includes complimentary tickets to the event, a table or booth to showcase the sponsor’s business or organization, and other perks, such as access to sponsor-only amenities and receptions.

“Launched nearly two decades ago by VASCUPP, SWaMfest has grown into Virginia’s premier supplier diversity networking event. It brings buyers from higher education, industry and government together with small and diverse sellers, providing opportunities to learn and showcase their capabilities.”

John McHugh
Director, Virginia Commonwealth University Office of Procurement Services
President, VASCUPP

“It’s great to be here and be a sponsor and get to meet all the wonderful friends that we’ve had over the years and develop new relationships to not only increase everybody’s business, but also to be able to help each other grow.”

John Sampson.
Manager at Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia.

“We’re proud to be a sponsor of SWaMfest here in Richmond, Virginia! We are a proud partner for many different suppliers that fulfill the SWaM requirement.”

Andrea Anderson,
Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

“We’ve been involved in this organization since it started and we’ve been a “Premier” sponsor as long as we can remember. This is a fantastic group and we love being here every year.”

Mark Balling,
Senior VP/Account Manager at Skanska

“SWaMfest has been really, really good. Exciting! I’m enjoying the speakers, I’m enjoying the environment, the networking, the people, it’s just the best environment I’ve been in so far for entrepreneurs as well as to learn more information about how to be SWaM certified. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. Let’s talk so we can get you here next year!”

Romeo Gardner,
President & CEO at Nehlos


SWaMfest would not be possible with the generous support of our sponsors. Your partnership in hosting this event is both invaluable and appreciated

Upcoming SWaMfest 2024 Event

Richmond, Virginia

Stay tuned for dates, more information, and event registration.