Understanding VASCUPP Procurement Opportunities

VASCUPP member institutions range from small colleges to large research universities. As you may imagine, these institutions require a vast array of goods and services to deliver the world-class educations and cutting-edge research for which they are known. Member colleges and universities rely on networks of thousands of suppliers to meet their procurement needs.

Procurement guidelines vary for each VASCUPP school, but there are some key commonalities. For example, procurements must be competitive in many cases. Additionally, 42% of member institutions’ discretionary spending should be with SWaM-certified businesses, as per Executive Order 35. Please download the VASCUPP procurement matrix located at the bottom of this page to learn more about each member institution’s procurement guidelines and policies.

Large and/or strategic procurements are typically competitively bid. VASCUPP member institutions issue Request for Proposals (RFPs) for these procurements. RFPs provide information regarding a specific opportunity as well as detailed instructions for suppliers interested in pursuing this work. Each VASCUPP member institution hosts an online portal where RFPs are posted (see below). You may also visit eVA –Virginia’s online procurement marketplace—to stay abreast of procurement opportunities at VASCUPP schools as well as other local and state agencies.

It is important to note that an RFP is not issued for every procurement opportunity at VASCUPP colleges and universities. Rather, members have varying rules and guidelines governing smaller purchases. University supplier diversity personnel or designated “SWaM Champions” are important resources for staying abreast of non-RFP procurement opportunities at each VASCUPP member institution.


Download our VASCUPP Procurement Guide

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